The Celebration of Master Park's 50+years in Martial Arts Instruction
35 years in the Valley

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"Fall & Winter Programs" 
Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings

Ladies, Self-Defense, Kids, Teens, Adults 

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Grand Master Park's Instruction at Football Stadium

There are a number of exciting programs to choose from.

            KIDS CLASS


Kids not only learn the basics of martial arts but also learn discipline, respect and self-confidence.


Each session includes exercises taught in a step-by-step manner to help develop coordination and motor skills. 


Master Park works individually with each student to focus on their strengths and weaknesses.


He stays in close communication with parents to make sure they are receiving good grades and behaving well in school.

            HI-YA KIDS CLASS
            Karate / Krav Maga
            Improve Focus
            Black Belt Program
           Private / Group Program
           Corporate Program
            ADULT CLASS


Start as a beginner or even as an expert! Learn exercise, self-defense and how to de-stress. 

Master Park will work individually with you in a comfortable environment.

Each class is filled with good cardio routines  while intermixing stretching, strength training and relaxation skills.

By learning an array of skills, you will walk out feeling quite refreshed... and sweaty!

            FAMILY CLASS

Train with your children and other family members! This class allows you to work together to learn something new while building up health and confidence.

This fun class allows you to spend time with each other while working out in this positive and energizing environment.

            TEENS CLASS
            WOMEN'S CLASS
            Ladies Self-Defense
            Breathing Program
            Bully Proof for Life
            Anti-Bully Program
            Stress Release, Relaxation
            Confidence Building
            Master Program

            School/College Program

            Military, Police Training
            Balance / Coordination
            Instructor Program

            Dahn, TaiChi, Kigong

            Sports Training

Value Quality Education Discipline Respect Focus Confidence Empowerment - Body, Mind & Beyond

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