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Updated: Jan 29, 2020


Only very few people understand about Black-belt, Master, Grandmaster, Instructor in Martial Arts and training.

There are no regulations in the state of Ohio, Pennsylvania, or United States. Anyone can buy and sell any rank of black belt without any proper training and open business. There is no any license, or permit. People do not have even black belt, but open martial arts business. It is everywhere. Some people/group(s) are selling (massive) black belt, promotions and making money.

Most of all there is no requirement of academic education, martial arts training and/or proper background Check.

Many criminals are teaching children, teens, adults and senior citizens and claiming black belt, master, even grand master, and instructor. It is not a joke.

In Korea(?) and some other countries(?) are required to have 4 years of college education degree and 15-20 years of proper training to become a 4th Degree black which become an instructor. In order to open martial arts business or teaching martial arts, required background check and education, and license.

Many schools are involved in this massive scams of selling their students, and children without understanding of martial arts systems at all.

No one really understand including school officials what schools are doing for their children and creating massive victimes. Many school officials are idolizing those scam artists for the money.

In order to work at the schools, they must have minimum of teacher's level of education and proper background check including absolute proper martial arts training background.

5 years old children are receiving 1st degree black after 6 months of Karate/Taekwondo training. They getting 2nd degree black belt after 6 more months later. At the age 7-8, they will become a master in martial arts in America? It is all about money making. The Father of a child is telling me that his child took the test every 2weeks and he paid the test fees. The father is an executive of a Bank.

Children instructors are everywhere. Wearing a lot of patches on the uniforms.

Why kids are teaching? The answer is

1. "Kids like kids." 2. "Kids bring more kids." 3. It is not about education, qualifications, or anything else. 4. It is all about money.

Many people are often asking me how come their martial arts masters instructor(s) doesn't fit in physically before mental and other issues. People are asking me all the time that their Taekwondo/martial arts instructors are claiming "master", but they don't fit and they barely lift they feet up to their knees and many things are wrong to their instructor(s)? They are in your neighborhood. It is a heartbreaking story! It is absolutely wrong and scam! People are claiming that they are holding Kukkiwon Black belt certificates, so they are the real true black belt.

1. Anyone can buy and sell any rank of black belt, master, grand master, or Hall of Fame without any training. I call it "Hole of Shame."

2. People are claiming that they are "the only a few people teaching Olympic Taekwondo in the state".

3. People are claiming they are "the only people and members of Olympic Taekwondo Training members."

Anyone can buy membership. It is like library cards or Sears Cards. They are looking for money.

4. They have been so much corrupted worse than as you seen Gymnastics organizations, even selling black belt certificates for the massive money without instructors.

5. Kukkiwon, The World Headquarters of Taekwondo, located in Seoul Korea which is a branch of Korean Government, the highest officials were selling black belt certificates to make money in the U.S.. They denied wrongdoing of selling black belt certificates to the people in the U.S. without any training just for money with corrupted people in the U.S..

They lied to me repeatedly then finally they apologized to me their wrong doing and they were punished a few top officials, but the people falsely purchased and holding the Kukkiwon black belt certificates in the U.S. are still selling Kukkiwon Black belt certificates to many people. Some of them are in your neighborhoods and everywhere.

6. One person posted his credential/bio on internet that he has a degree from Kukkiwon university. He was working at public school system in the big city with Kukkiwon University education. Kukkiwon is a Gym and a few offices and rooms. It is not a school. It is not like a big University Gym in the U.S..

There are so many martial arts seminars like real estate seminars, "How to make millions of Dollars." They are claiming "As a Martial arts professionals, or Taekwondo instructors must make a million Dollars a year!"

How to manipulate, and trick school systems, principals, teachers, children, and parents! How to fish children! How to play games to have fun, provide pleasure, parties and games.

Many public school are involved selling their own young children to these scammers for the money with corruption.

No one want to say anything, or no one can say anything. Children, parents, families and communities are suffering so much from the scam and corruption. Schools are protecting themselves not you, or your children.

I have been receiving so many report from the victims, their parents, and their families. Many children, parents, and families are victimized and been telling to the schools for these problems. Most of them are not saying anything, or cannot say anything. Please contact and join us to fight against corruptions to protect our children, families, citizens, communities, and country and uphold our decency, value, and quality.

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