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Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Health, Wellness, Education  

for Ages 4-85
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About Master Park® and us

Grandmasters, Master Instructors, Instructors, and Assistant Instructors:


Grandmaster Park:

  • World top ranking and top quality Authentic Oriental martial arts Grandmaster, Master Park, has taught Authentic Oriental martial arts for more than 50years. He focuses his programs on high standards of discipline, respect, confidence, education, leadership, health, and Wellbeing to improve and empower human life. He works with people of all ages all the time. Master Park has been teaching classes all the time!

  • Most students become all "A" students in academic and all aspects.

  • Grandmaster in various martial arts and teaching Mind, Body and Beyond: Hapkiyudo, Taekwondo, Karate, Yudo, Judo, Jujitsu, Hapkido, Aikido, Hwarangdo, Dahn, Self-Defense, Krav Maga, Taichi, Breathing, Relaxation, Circulation, Focus, Agility, Speed, Balance, Flexibility, Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Ki-Gong and Sports Team and Private training and lessons.

  • President of World Sports, Martial Arts & Expo / Miss Martial Arts®, Mr. Martial Arts® / U.S. Martial Arts Championship® / United States Martial Arts Championship® / Master Park Martial Arts International® / World Hapkiyudo®/ World Hi-Ya® Challenge ...

  • Produced 100s of Masters and Black belts internationally.

  • 1,000s of Performances internationally: U.S. Martial Arts Championships, World Taekwondo Championship, Stadiums, Auditoriums, Military Demonstrations, Military Parades. 

  • Taught tens of thousands of people ages 2-90 in schools, colleges, police, military, and corporations internationally.

  • Trained Youngstown State University Football Team for 23 years, Ice hockey Teams for 20 years, various sports teams and individuals: Soccer, Baseball, Football, track, cross country, golf, swimming, bowling, and ice-figure skating. 

  • Taught 100s of school programs: discipline, respect, confidence, anti-bully, Bully-proof for Life, carrier day, cultural experience, health, wellness, fitness, self-defense, Strengthening of Mind & Body, sports teams and individual training...

  • Taught 100s of corporate programs: Breathing, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Discipline, Executive Class, Self-defense, 

  • Public Seminars: Wellness, Stress Relief, Breathing, Dahn, Kigong, Relaxation, Self-defense, Discipline, Leadership, ...

  • Managing Engineer/ officer at Samsung in Korea. 
    Production Engineer, Quality Control Engineer- He trained quality control group won in Citywide, Regional, and National Competitions.

      Founder of the Samsung Baseball Team and City League. Employee Health, Fitness, and Wellness Programs.

  • Engineering degree and Licenses in various fields. Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Safety Engineering, Industrial Fire Safety Engineering, Design, Production, Fabrication, and HVAC.

  • Certified School Teacher. Taught 3-95, K-12, Universities, and more.

  • President of 500 members of high school and college martial arts clubs and undefeated champion.

  • Board members in martial arts in Korea.

  • Founder and charter president of National High school and College Clubs in Korea of Lions International.

  • Founder and Charter President of the 1st Leo Club in Korea of Lions International.

  • Served Korean Army in Special Division.

  • Member of Boardman Rotary Club.

Other Grandmasters, Master Instructors, Instructors, and Assistant Instructors:

      Grandmaster Park
      Grandmaster Song
      Grandmaster David Burda

      Many other Masters and instructors


Master Park's 50 years Instruction of World Top Quality
Authentic Oriental Martial Arts Life Lesson:  
Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Health 

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Private Lessons: In-Person, Online Live, I-Class 

by Grand Master Park

at home, Master Park, or anywhere 6 am-8 pm

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