Learn from these prior and current students what it's like to participate in these classes!

We have thousands of excellent success stories that will be posted.
Master Park has been teaching students to empower physically, mentally and beyond to succeed in future lives of all ages.

"Class has allowed me to be a more confident person. When I first started class,

I was a hermit and was very shy. Master Park has worked one on one with me to improve my self-esteem!"

Lilian, Nurse

"John has changed into a respectful child. He always says, "Thank you maam,"

before and after class. He gets excited about going to class!"

Michelle, Mother of 3


Master Park's 50+ years of Instruction of
Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Health, Wellness, Education 

World Top Quality Authentic
Oriental Martial Arts Programs

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Private/Group by Grand Master Park
6 am - 8 pm  Space is Limited

"Sam and I have been participating in classes for the past 4 years. We have both lost a considerable amount of weight, but improved so much breathing, strength, flexibility, most of all discipline mentally, physically, and build confidence, more relaxed, calm, comfortable dealing with work, business, stress, difficult situations. 

It helped jump-start our weight loss, strength, self-esteem and we couldn't be more happier!" We have improved tremendously in general health!

Jaime, Business owner

"I took my son, Don, to Master Park Martial Arts 34 years ago. Because of Master Park's training, Don became very disciplined, improved confidence then became very good at sports and improved in school academic studies.
Now, he is a very successful lawyer. Our family is very appreciative of Master Park’s life-changing training for my son. Master Park was always emphasizing excellent education and discipline."

Cam recommends Master Park Martial Arts International.

Master Park is the best coach inside and outside the classroom. He teaches not only Tae Kwon Do but lifelong skills on how to be your best. Our oldest son attended his class when he was 5 years old. We moved out of state and went back to visit him 15 years later, he remembered our son and showed us all the pictures of when our son was a student there, quite special. Our son has grown to a nice, well educated successful young man and we thank Master Park for his teaching. If you live in Youngstown we d highly recommend Master Park. He is a gem. It is truly rare these days to find someone who cares about his students as much as Master Park does.